Packing Directions

Packing and shipping a Tiffany, slag lamp, lamp shade or any lamp:

Use these suggestions at your own risk. We are not responsible for shipping damages. Insure adequately so that any damages during shipping will be covered.

Enclose your full contact information on the inside of the box: Name, Address, Email Address, Cell Phone.

For Antique Slag Panel Lamp Shades: Use MASKING TAPE NOT CLEAR TAPE to secure adjoining glass panels securely together. Tape all adjoining panels together with masking tape.

BASIC PACKING IDEA: Suspend the lamp or shade inside an inner box then suspend the inner box inside an outer box.
Use two (2) strong boxes - 1 for the inner box, 1 for the outer box. The inner box size should be large enough so that no part of the lamp or shade comes within 1" of the inner box wall and 3-4" from the box bottom. Suspend the inner box at least 1" inside the outer box using packing materials such as paper, peanuts, bubble wrap, foam, etc. No part of the inner box comes within 1" of the outer box wall.

Start with at least a 3-4" thick layer (3-4" thick after it is moderately packed) of packing materials in the bottom of the inner box.

Fill THE SHADE DOME CAVITY with packing materials in such a way that the entire inside dome cavity of the shade is filled and supported by packing materials. The shade dome cavity should be completely filled and overflowing. The idea is to have the weight of the shade distributed evenly throughout the inner dome cavity of the shade and not solely on the bottom edge of the shade.

TO SECURE bubble or foam wrap to completely surround your lamp shade.

No part of the shade should come closer than 1" from any inside wall of the carton. The shade is completely suspended inside the box by at least 1" of packing on all sides and 3-4" on the bottom. Packing materials should be packed snugly so that the shade does not settle then become loose and move around inside the carton.

Boxes should be filled and packed with packing materials to the point where it is necessary to apply a moderate force to close the top lids. This will prevent shifting of the item while in transit.

All 6 seams of the box must be completely taped with clear tape so that the box is completely sealed. There are 3 seams at the top and 3 seams at the bottom of a box.

Print your telephone number and mine (704-732-8001) on the shipping label. The completed address label should be completely taped over with clear tape to prevent it from being torn off during shipping.

Antique lamp and shade repair commonly requires around 2 months and the repair charge is due in advance.
EMAIL information below or CALL 704-732-8001 to speak to a live person.
1) Visa or MasterCard #
2) Expiration date
3) Complete name and address where the credit card statement is mailed.
4) We also accept checks and money orders which require a 15 day clearing period.

Best Regards, Jim Hoyle
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