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Hotel Lamp Shades

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Economical lamp shades for hotels, motels, clubs, casinos, resorts, lodges, commercial properties, apartments, rentals, condominiums, nursing homes, any size or color. Single or double wall lamps, table and floor lamps, hanging swag lamps.

Size=top x bottom x side - Packed 30 pieces/box - Other sizes available
Wholesale hotel wall lamp shade
Cotton polyester Fabric Wall Lamp Shades
6x11x9 @ $5.50
6x12x9 @ $6

Wholesale hotel lamp shades
Cotton polyester Fabric Table Lamp Shades
7x14x11 @ $7
8x16x12 @ $8
9x17x12 @ $9
9x18x13 @ $10 

Wholesale hotel swag lamp shades
Swag Lamps Cotton polyester
7x14x11 @ $29
Complete lamp w/chain, plug in lamp or direct wire

Wholesale hotel floor lamp shades
Cotton polyester Fabric Floor Lamp Shades
8x16x12 @ $8
9x17x12 @ $9
9x18x13 @ $10
Paper lamp shade
Cotton polyester Paper lamp shade off white w/subtle fleck trim
6x17x11.5 @ $5

Linen lamp shade
Cotton polyester Fabric lamp shade HB cream color
6x13x10 @ $5