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Oval Lampshades

Size= Top1/Top2 - Bottom1/Bottom2 - Side
Oval lamp shade French oval silk lamp shade  A30119  Cream, White
4/5x7.5/9x7.5 $53
5/7x9/11x9 $57
6/8x10.5/13x10 $60
7/9x13/15x11 $65
8/10x14/17x12 $74
9/11x16.5/19x14 $84
Classic oval lampshade
Classic oval silk lamp shade, cream, white, black*
3.5/5.3x 7/10x8.5
Oval lamp shade Gallery oval silk lamp shade A30810/ inverted  cream, off white, tan
4.5/6x11/14x12 $79
5.5/7x13/16x13 $89
6.5/8.25x15/18x14 $99, 2 left
Oval lamp shade Dual pleated oval silk lamp shade A30201 Luxurious  Cream, White
7/10x8/12x8.5 $77
8/12x9/14x9 $84
9/14x10/16x9.5 $95
10/16x11/18x10 $105
Lamp shade sale Pleated oval inverted corners designer silk lamp shade luxury lining, cream, 1 only
 SALE=$59 1 left
Oval lamp shade Cream linen oval lamp shade HB A51002
5.75/8x9/12x9 $39
7/10x10/14x11 $49
8/12x12/16x12 $59
10/14x13/18x13 $69
Oval lamp shade Cream with brown flecks linen oval lampshade HB A50702
5.75/8x9/12x9 $39
7/10x10/14x11 $49
8/12x12/16x12 $59
Oval lamp shade String silk oval lamp shade cut corners M8014 Off White
6.5/8.5x11/13x10 $145
7/9x13/15x11 $162
8/10/ 14.5/17x12 $178
Oval lamp shade String silk oval lamp shade M8007 off white, black, taupe
3/4.25x5.25/8x6.25 $99 blk, ow only
3.5/5.25x7/10x8.5 $112
4.25/6.25x8.5/12x9.5 $129
5/7.25x9.75/14x11 $145
5.75/8.25x11.25/16x12 $162
6.75/9.25x12.75/18x13.5 $178
Pleated oval lamp shade Side pleated oval silk lamp shade A30302  White, Beige
6/8x9/12x9 $57
7/10x10/14x10 $60
8/12x12/16x11 $63