Lamp Shade Measurements

Lamp shade fitting help, how to measure and buy a lamp shade, how to select the correct lamp shade size, LIVE HELP available. by Jim Hoyle

Lamp shades are measured: Top x Bottom x Side i.e. 7 x 20 x 12 which is 7" wide top, 20" wide bottom, 12" side/slant/slope

Note that the last measurement is not the vertical height but rather the side, slant or slope which is slightly different.

In the case of a drum (barrel or cylinder) style the side is the same as height but we do not use vertical height in measuring lamp shades.

Measurements > Lamp shade fitting, how to measure a lamp shade, how to buy a lamp shade, correct size lamp shade, LIVE HELP available.
Oval and rectangle have 5 measurements: 2 top measurements, 2 bottom measurements, 1 side measurement. i.e. 7/12 x 10/16 x 13

One final measurement is the DROP or RECESS, the source of great confusion in selecting the correct size lampshade. I mention it last because we consider it last. INITIALLY FORGET ABOUT IT until after you have selected the correct size. KISS = Keep It Super Simple and your fitting will be super simple. If you attempt to find a specific size and a particular DROP/RECESS, you will likely fail. It is like buying a car to fit your tire wheels and completely unnecessary. First, find the correct shade shape and size that you need. We can tell you the correct size HARP or SHADE HOLDER PIPE required for that shade. If yours is different, simply order the harp or shade holder pipe along with your shade - simple.
How to measure a lamp shade