Fluorescent or Incandescent Light Bulbs

When To Turn The Lights Off

When to turn lights off article by Jim Hoyle

Saving money is always in style. You can save regularly by developing good habits regarding your lighting use. You hurry into a room, flip on the light switch, grab something you need then leave the room. Should you leave the light on if you plan to return shortly ?

That depends on the bulb type and how long before you will need the light again. If the bulb is a fluorescent type, leave it on if you will need it again within 20 minutes. If the bulb is an incandescent bulb, turn it off when not in use for over a few minutes.

This is based upon the fact that incandescent bulb life is not significantly effected by turning it on/off whereas the fluorescent bulb life is reduced each time it is turned on. Additionally, repeated starting of fluorescent ballasts reduces the fluorescent life span as well as uses more energy.

Use the above information in planning the lighting fixtures for your home or office. If you need a light source in a room which will mostly be used sporadically or for short periods of time then you should consider an incandescent style because it will be more economical. Closets, storage spaces and similar areas are perfect candidates for incandescent lighting.