Reverse Hand Painted Lamps

We make any size lamp base for reverse painted lamps and Tiffany style lamps - ask us
18" reverse painted glass shade with eagles soaring
Reverse painted lamp with eagles soaring
$259, 1 left
Reverse painted lamp, 18" glass shade with eagles soaring
Reverse lamp shade with 4 eagles, sky and landscape
4 eagles reverse painted shade
Reverse shade top view
Reverse Painted lamp
Cast metal lamp Dome Glass 25"Hx20"W mottled beige shade, massive heavy cast metal Art Nouveau base is very fine quality made in the finest old world tradition, 11.5" wide base, 3 pull chain lights $999
SALE = $799
Reverse Painted lampDome glass shade (light on)
Reverse Painted lampDome glass shade (light off)
Reverse Painted lampBase made of very heavy cast metal
Reverse Painted lamp
Custom bases for reverse painted shades

Any size, any finish

Fine old world quality American made

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Reverse Painting:
When painting on paper or canvas, artists typically paint the background first then the foreground. When painting reverse painted shades, this sequence is reversed. The foreground is painted first then the background. This is because the light comes through from behind the glass and the foreground is the first thing you see. Many gifted artist cannot paint in this method because of its difficulty. Reverse hand painted lamps are made in the original Handel style, hand painted original work of art, sealed and preserved to last for generations just like the old masters.