Slag Lamp Repair - Slag Shade Repair

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Slag lamp repair Slag lamp repair Hurricane Katrina destruction, We could smell sea water inside the lamp base completely restored Slag lamp repairLarge slag shade, new glass and framework Slag lamp repairComplete  restoration Slag lamp repairSlag Lantern repair, new glass, new electrical, refinished Slag lamp repairGreen tulip style Slag lamp repairHelmet design shade Slag lamp repairWall lanterns
Slag lamp repairIridescent slag Slag lamp repairNew panels plus hand painting to match Slag lamp repairDestroyed then restored Slag lamp repairCirca 1900 Slag lamp repairRestored hole in frame and replaced panels Slag lamp repairRestored and straightened frame Slag lamp repairBroke and bent frame
Slag lamp repairRebuilt missing filigree Slag lamp repairCreated new filigree, new glass and refinished Slag lamp repairNew panels, straightened frame, reattached beaded fringe Slag lamp repairSlag lamp repair and slag shade repair, any lamp or shade repair imaginable, glass bending, complete structure restoration Slag lamp repairReverse painted slag shade repair, new panels created then hand painted inside to match the others Slag lamp repairSlag lamp shade repair
Slag lamp repairSlag lamp shade repair
Slag lamp repairSlag panel replacement Slag lamp repairFrame coming apart, bent, glass missing Slag lamp repairSlag shade glass, frame, filigree restore Slag lamp repairReplaced and framework repair Antique slag lamp shade repair - before and after photosAntique shade repair before and after Slag lamp repairFrame and glass work Repair before and after, slag lamp shade with broken frameFrame repaired and glass replaced
Slag lamp repairSlag lamp and shade repair, base was also broken Slag lamp and shade repair before and afterSlag lamp and shade repair before and after Slag lamp and shade repair before and afterSlag lamp repair before and after Slag lamp repairComplete restoration & refinishing

Slag lamp repairComplete restoration
Slag shade repairFine quality slag shade repair, glass and frame work
Large slag repair
Slag lamp repairHandel lamp repair Slag lamp repairReplaced panels created and painted to match the old
Slag lamp repairReplaced panels painted to match Slag lamp repairHandel lamp shade repair Slag lamp repairGreen slag repair Slag lamp repairSlag shade circa 1900 Slag lamp repairPanels and frame work Slag lamp repairNew panels, new finish Reverse painted slag lamp repairReverse painted lamp repair in progress
Slag shade with crown repairRoutine glass panel replacement and framework

Slag lamp and shade frame repair
Slag lamp and shade to be restored >>>
Slag lamp and shade frame repair
Shade frame is nearly destroyed

Slag lamp and shade frame repair
Broken joints and missing filigree
Reverse painted shade repair
Reverse painted shade panel to be duplicated (inside)
Reverse painted shade repair
Slag shade frame repair
Slag shade frame filigree restoration in progress
Slag lamp and shade repair and replacement is routine work for us. Customers ship their broken lamps and shades to us from all over the country. We regularly repair Tiffany, slag, curved glass and flat glass lamps and shades similar to yours. This type of glass is custom and not a stock item. We provide professional repairs, appraisals, invoices and free estimates for insurance companies, freight companies, moving companies, service companies, estates, etc.

Curved or bent glass panels:
1) A flat sheet of stained glass is selected which is very close to the original glass.
2) A paper template is created to match your glass size and shape then a new glass piece is cut from a flat sheet of stained glass.
3) Curved glass requires a custom made ceramic like mold to match your glass shape and size. The mold is hand made and cooked in a kiln then trimmed.
4) After the mold is created and cured, the flat glass piece is positioned on the custom mold then baked for 24 hours to create the curvature.
5) Sometimes a 2nd or 3rd mold and 2nd or 3rd baking may be necessary but this does not effect your repair cost.
6) The completed curved glass is hand cut then shaped on a water fed diamond grinder until it will fit into the shade frame properly.
7) Final adjustments of glass and frame work are made so that the entire piece is secure. Often glass holder tabs must be replaced or soldered onto the shade frame. Frequently the shade frame must be reformed into its original shape.

Metal filigree (decorative overlay) is sometimes missing or broken from the shade frame and may be recreated and fit back into the missing areas then refinished to match the rest of the frame.

Bent or broken lamp bases or shade frames in practically any condition are restored. Routine repairs usually require 1-2 months but extremely complex projects may take many months.
Packing instructions for shipping your lamp, shade or chandelier repair to us