TV Lamps History

TV lamps history article by Jim Hoyle 

That 50" wide screen plasma TV that takes up nearly half the wall and dominates the entire room had some relatively humble beginnings that also fostered the development of a new and unique lamp style.

In the early days of television people compensated for the bright TV screen with ingenious small lamps developed to help offset the light from the TV set. These lamps were thought to protect the eyes.

TV lamps were usually very small ceramic lamps and they were set on top or near the television. Popular themes were animals such as gazelles, cats, lions, dogs, birds, cars, ships, wagons, etc. Some were also planters. The light bulb was typically located behind the body of the lamp in such a way as to emit a soft indirect light that would help to light up the general area around the TV set.

It was also a common practice for people to gather around the radio to listen to their favorite "theatre" or other radio program. The TV lamp would provide a warm and cozy indirect light. This was home theater of the 1950's.

Today TV lamps from the 1950's are highly collectible. They are usually very easily identified and they represent a very nostalgic period of our history.

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