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Short Drum Lamp Shades

Round lampshades carry our 25% lowest price guarantee.
Silk shantung with soft linings and fine quality hardbacks (HB)
Tall drum shades are here
Drum shade gold QuoizelChampagne gold HB
12x14x10 $89 Sale= $39
14 to sell
Silk lamp shadeSilk lamp shade light beige
 sophisticated satin sheen silk with antique gold trim 12x16x12 $109 Sale= $49
1 to sell
Drum shade linen QuoizelLinen cream HB
15x15x9 $94
7 available
Drum shade silk gray
Gray silk shantung
13x14.5x10.5 $99
10 available
Drum shade silk gray
Drum shade cream linen micro fiber
Linen cream HB
16x18x12 $109
6 left
Drum shade white linen
Linen white HB
10x11x7.75 $69 Sale=$29
17 left
Drum shade white linen close-up
Drum shade swag lamp
Drum shades make great swag lamps - ask
Drum shade wine silk Wine silk
American made
14x15x8 $149
16x17x9 $159
17x18x10 $169
Drum shade golden tan silk Silk shantung cream, light golden tan, off white, black A30808
11x12x8.5 $79
13x14x8.75 $89
15x16x9 $99
17x18x9.5 $109
Drum shade tweed fabric Tweed textured fabric HB D68694
14x16x10 $59
Drum shade tweed fabric Tweed textured fabric HB D68693 12x14x10 $49 Drum shade linen natural Natural linen soft luxury liner D68970
15x17x11 $79
Drum shade wine Makita wine silk soft gold lining D68968
12x14x8.5 $69
Drum shade burlap Burlap HB American made MSS5232
12x14x11 $59
14x16x12 $69
16x18x13.5 $79
Drum shade back paper Black paper white inside KM20613
13x14x9.5 $59
15x16x10 $69
17x18x10.5 $79

Gold inside +$20
Drum shade bown silk Brown silk drum D68722
13x14x9 $69
Drum shade beige fabric Beige textured fabric soft luxury liner D68872
11x15x10.5 $69

Drum shade homespun fabric Homespun fabric HB M5332 cream, beige
13x14x9.5 $69
15x16x10 $79
17x18x10.5 $89
Drum shade cream fabric Cream fabric HB D6826
13x15x9 $59
15x16x9 $69
17x19x10 $89

Drum shade tan fabric Tan fabric HB D6827
13x15x9 $59
15x16x9 $69
17x19x10 $89
Drum shade smock pleated drum shade Pleated silk cream, white A10202
11.5x12x8.5 $109
13.5x14x8.5 $119
15.5x16x9 $129
17.5x18x9.5 $139
Drum shade linen with brown flecks Linen fabric w/subtle brown flecks luxury lining A30701
11x12x8.5 $79
13.5x14x8.75 $89
15.5x16x9 $99
17.5x18x9.5 $109
Drum shade burlap Burlap braid trim D68606
11x12x10 $49
Drum shade black Black silk shantung A30808-2
11x12x8.5 $79
13x14x8.75 $89
15x16x9 $99
17x18x9.5 $109
Drum shade red Pleated silk A30303 red, beige, white
11.5x12x8.5 $79
13.5x14x8.5 $89
15.5x16x9 $99
Drum shade pleated Pleated silk A30307 beige, white
11.5x12x8.5 $79
13.5x14x9 $89
15.5x16x9 $99
17.5x18x9.5 $109
Drum shade string silk String silk A10602 off white, taupe
15.5x16x9 $119
17.5x18x9.5 $129
Drum shade linen silk string Linen string silk A11308
15.5x16x9 $119
17.5x18x9.5 $129
Drum shade silk string in 3 colors String silk  M8032B off white, black, copper
11x12x8 $129
13x14x8.5 $145
15x16x9 $162
17x18x9.5 $182
Drum shade white paper Paper shade 
15x15x14 $59
16x16x9 $69
18x18x10 $79
Drum shade with fringe Silk shantung round pleated with beaded fringe, Dusty rust color
7-15-9.5 $149 Sale=$99, 1 available
Drum shade chrome metal Metal drum shades

Any size up to 96" wide

Any color, rust or patina, torched...
 - ask
American made
Drum shade mica Mica drum shades

Any size up to 96" wide - ask
American made
Drum shade with fringe Off white luxury silk with fringe
17x20x11 $159 Sale = $79
+ 3" fringe
Drum shade beige stripe Beige with stripe bell D68973
12x13x10 $69
Drum shade blue Powder blue embroidered with buttons round shade
13x14x9.5 $139 Sale=$49
Drum shade brown Brown fabric round shade HB with antique gold
1 only
13x15x9 $59
Metal drum lamp shade for brass lamps and bouillotte lamps
Also see Bouillotte lamp shades which have a slightly smaller top width

Size: Top width x Bottom width x Side Length

Top and bottom width is of near equal width. Many shades appear to be drum shape even when these measurements are slightly unequal. Most people do not notice the difference of 1-2" especially for longer lengths. Many stores do not sell drum shades. Their size and shape requires larger boxes, higher shipping costs and more retail space because drum lampshades do not nest together when stacked like empire, cone, bell or other tapered shades. All of our drum shades have a standard spider fitter to mount onto a harp or to sit on a glass reflector bowl or shade holder pipe.

Call to order. We offer live and personal fitting help since 1979.

Round shades are more popular today than ever before. The short barrel like shape is appropriate for most any table or floor lamp and perfect for hanging swag lights. Light is reflected downward and the large top opening allows light to bounce off the ceiling and help light up the area or room. A drum pendant light is perfect for hanging over any table, desk or work study area and is great for reading or work projects. We custom make them here - ask.

*Dupioni silk fabric is woven from silk threads taken from adjoining and intertwining worm cocoons

What is a barrel, cylinder, round or ?

The answer to that question use to be very simple. But today the definition has been expanded. Traditionally they are similar to a cylinder with fairly straight sides. Just think of an oil barrel.

However, today they take on many variations of form and design. You will find modified styles which have a relatively narrower top diameter. There are bells with graceful curving sides. There are V Notch styles with designs in the top and/or bottom rims. There are short and stocky styles also called Bouillotte shades.

Tall cylinder (tall drum shadeDrum shade or tall barrel shade and short round (shallow drum) barrel shade Drum shade that is a shallow drum short barrel shade

These shades are very functional because they not only diffuse light outward through the fabric, they reflect light downward and upward where it can diffuse off the ceiling.

Generally they are relatively larger compared to other shades which allows the usage of larger wattage bulbs and therefore more light output.

Barrel shades were extremely popular from around 1930 - 1980. Today they are more popular than ever. Nearly all home magazines are filled with different styles used throughout all rooms of the house.

Although there are plenty of options, here are some lamps that simply "cry out" for drum or barrel shades:
Hollywood Regency
George and Martha Washington
Reproductions of all styles

Most lamp styles can be used with a barrel shade. It depends a lot on personal preference and the look you wish to achieve with the lamp.