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Fabric Lamp Shades

Linen lamp shade homespun fabric Homespun cream,
3x5x4.25 $19
4x8x6.5 $29
5x10x8.5 $34
6x12x9.5 $44
7x14x11 $49
8x16x12 $59
9x18x13.5 $69
10x20x15 $79
Fabric lamp shade cream colorCotton polyester

6x13x10 $55 Sale=$19
Fabric lamp shadeFlax with brown trim and flecks

7x17x12 $74 Sale=$24
7x18x13 $79 Sale=$29
Wiker fabric lamp shadeBasket weave cream color

7x18x13 $89 Sale=$29
Calf skin leather lamp shadeFaux leather vinyl

7x17x12 $89 Sale=$29
Cream cotton polyester lamp shade Cotton polyester
3x5x4.25 $29
4x8x6.5 $39
5x10x8.5 $44
6x12x9.5 $54
6x13x10 $55
7x14x11 $59
8x16x12 $69
9x18x13.5 $79
10x20x15 $89
Table lamp shade Bell silk KAM20341 cream, beige, white, black
3x4x4 $19
3x5x4.25 $22
3x6x5.25 $29
4x8x6.75 $49
5x10x8.5 $69
6x12x9.5 $74
7x14x11 $79
8x16x12 $89
9x18x13.5 $99
13x19x11 $119
10x20x15 $129

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Dear Jim I wanted to let you know that I received the 4 lamp shades that I ordered from you yesterday as promised.   I was extremely pleased with the beauty, quality and workmanship on all of the shades.  But I must say that the 2 rectangular shades (DS68-18) with the flared bottom are more beautiful than the original shades that came with the lamps. Even my husband, who could care less about lamps or shopping, remarked how beautiful all the shades looked. I will recommend you, your company, and website to everyone, and I will shop your website again in the near future.  It has been a pleasure, and I did not even have to leave my house!
Thanks again. Sincerely, L C