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Leather Lamp Shades

Fine Quality Faux Leather Vinyl with Luxury Linings and hardbacks HB
Leather lamp shadeWide bell  P114
6x12.5x9 $54
6x15.5x10.5 $59
7x18x12 $64
6x20x13 $69
7x22x13 $79
Leather lamp shadeBell classic A31111
4.25x8x6.75 $59
5x10x8.5 $64
6x12x9.5 $69
7x14x11 $75
8x16x12 $79
9x18x13.5 $89
Cone shape faux leather lamp shadeTall bell  P114
5x9.5x10 $49
Leather lamp shadeRectangle bell cut corner  A31117
5,6.5x8,12x9.5 $59
5,7x8.5,12x9.5 $62
5.25,8x9,14x11 $69
6,8x11,14x11 $72
7,9x10,16x12 $76
7,9x12,16x12 $79
7,10x12,18x13.5 $85
8,10x13,18x13.5 $99
Leather lamp shadeSquare bell cut corner  A31118
5.5x10x8.5 $55
7x12x9.5 $57
8x12x10 $59
8x14x11 $69
9x14x12 $75
9x16x12 $79
10x16x13.5 $85
10x18x13.5 $99
12x18x14 $109
Leather lamp shadeEmpire A31109 perfect swing arm lamp shade
7x12x7.5 $59
Leather lamp shadeFloor lamp shade A31111
12x17x10 $79
13x19x11 $89
Calf skin leather lamp shadeFine quality looks and feels like real rawhide
7x17x12 $49
Leather lamp shadeEmpire HB with double stitched trim

Rawhide Lamp Shades - Real Sheep Skin

American Made Floor Lamps American made fine quality Sheep Skin Lamp Shades with very rich butterscotch color.

Why sheepskin ? The texture and color are much more uniform than cowhide leather.
Plus, they are carefully treated to provide long lasting beauty without any further maintenance.
Compare this to high maintenance cow hide shades.
Sheep skin lamp shadeRawhide lamp shade made of real sheep skin
6x10x7.5 $145
6x12x10 $179
6x14x11 $209
7x16x11 $269
7x18x12.5 $319
8x20x13 $375
8x22x14.5 $429
8x24x15.5 $489
Leather lamp shadeRawhide lamp shade drum style made of real sheep skin
11x12x8 $199
13x14x9 $239
15x16x10 $273
17x18x11 $309
19x20x12 $349
Leather lamp shade Rawhide lamp shade coolie style made of real sheep skin
4x12x8 $179
4.5x14x9 $239
5x16x10 $279
5.25x18x11 $319
6x20x12 $379
6.5x22x13 $429
7x24x14 $529