Lamp and Lighting Facts

Lamp lighting facts and informationarticle by Jim Hoyle

A- Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb all by himself. He actually bought the patent from a German inventor and improved upon his idea.

B- 3 way light bulbs work like this:
1st click - The smaller filament is turned on alone creating the lower light level.
2nd click - The larger filament is turned on alone (and the smaller off) creating the higher light level.
3rd click - Both filaments are turned on creating the highest light level.

C- 3 way light bulbs burn out faster because: Alternating cooling and heating of the two metal filaments shortens their lifespan.

D- Wattage is not a measurement of light output. It is the measurement of electricity usage.

E- Lumens is the measurement of brightness or light output.

F- Lumens per watt ratio (divide lumens by watts) is the way to compare light bulb efficiency.

G- 2 way lamp has two separate bulbs with 2 levels of light. (Hoyle Fine Lamps have optional hi-lo in-line switch that provides 2 levels of light from just a single ordinary bulb!)

H- 3 way lamp has a 2 circuit socket and bulb that provides 3 levels of light (B above).

I- 6 way lamp has a combination of 3 way lighting (G above) and 3 additional bulbs which are controlled by a 2 circuit switch: 1 bulb on, 2 bulbs on, 3 bulbs on, then off.

J- Lamp Finial is the very top crown decorative piece that sits on top of the shade.

K- Lamp Harp is the "U" shaped wire piece that attaches the shade onto the lamp.

L- Lamp Harp size must be matched with the shade size for a proper fit.

M- Lamp Shades are measured: top diameter, bottom diameter, side length plus a description of the shape.

- Jim Hoyle

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