Swag Lights

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 Standard: 12' chain, 15' cord plug in lamp or direct wire with ceiling plate included at no extra charge
Swag lightSwag Light Wicker Shade 3 lights 20"Wx12"H $147

Swag lampWicker with rich luxury liner
Swag lightSwag Light
Wine Silk Shade
14"Wx8.5H $119
Swag lightSwag Light Crystal beaded gallery bottom silk shade light cream color bell soft luxury fabric liner 15"Wx8"H(+1.5" crystal beads) $199 Swag lightSwag Light Golden Tan drum shade silk shantung with luxury soft fabric lining, shade colors: cream, golden tan, off white, black, 2 Light
16"Wx9"H $149
Swag lampSwag Light Wood and corrugated board drum  12"Hx8.5"W  $129 LAMP SALE = $69 Swag lampSwag Light Wood and corrugated board square  12"Hx13"W $159, LAMP SALE = $89
Swag light Swag Light Gray blue drum  embroidered flowers and buttons 15"Wx9"H $159 LAMP SALE = $79
Black lamp shade with blue fringeSwag light silk lampshade with fringe, silk colors: Black, cream, beige, white.
38 fringe colors
3x4x4 $39
3x5x4.25 $42
3x6x5 $49
4x8x7 $69
5x10x8.5 $89
6x12x9.5 $94
7x14x11 $99
8x16x12 $109
9x18x13.5 $129
13x19x11 $149
10x20x15 $169
Black lamp shade with blue fringeSwag Light Parrot blue fringe on black silk
Black lamp shade with blue fringeSwag Light Light off
Custom swag
Bar swag lights made to customer specifications
Fringe color chart for custom lampshades 38 Fringe colors from 2" to 36" long can be added to any swag light Swag light Optional Diffuser and decorative cap painted any color $20
 Swag lampSwag light Pink Silk Umbrella hand painted
36" wide
Swag lamp hook kit
Swag lamp hook kit $5
 Most Popular shades for custom swag lights:

Hanging lamp help

Cord Covers for Swag Lights

Cord cover
Cream Cord and Chain Cover Zip-Up, 6' long $19
Cord cover
White Cord and Chain Cover Zip-Up, 6' long $19
Cord cover
Animal print Cord and Chain Cover Zip-Up, 6' long $19
Cord coverBlack Cord and Chain Cover Zip-Up, 6' long $19 Cord coverRed Cord and Chain Cover Zip-Up, 6' long $19 Cord coverBeige Cord and Chain Cover Zip-Up, 6' long $19 Cord coverExample Cord and Chain Cover Zip-Up, 6' long $19

Cord coverWall lamp cord cover painted any color
Self adhesive
Cut to any length
Cord easily slips into the open side slot $19
"Swag" in this lighting context simply means to hang from the ceiling. This definition can be applied to many different lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling including chandeliers and pendants. However, the traditional and most accepted definition points to a fabric lamp shade that has been electrified with one or more electrical sockets/bulbs and hangs from the ceiling usually by a metal chain. Most often the chain and plug in cord hang vertically near a wall then swag several feet horizontally away from the wall then downwards from the ceiling ending with the lampshade.

Really good ideas just refuse to go away ! These lamps were very popular from the 1950's through the 1980's. They can be seen on many TV shows and movies from that period. They have remained very popular in many hotels, motels and resorts because they are space saving and economical. Today we are experiencing a huge resurgence in their popularity and are among the most efficient and economical method of lighting up any area. They are also one of the best reading lights available and can be positioned ideally to put the light right where you want it while saving valuable floor space. They can be direct wired (permanently wired into the ceiling) or they can be portable with a plug in cord just like a table lamp. They are widely used in residential as well as many commercial applications. Large shades are used for large areas and more compact shades for small areas. They lend themselves to using many styles of light bulbs especially the very efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. They are truly beautiful with the light beaming through the elegant fabric.

Many features are available such as 1) Pull chain on/off switch 2) In line on/off switch 3) Custom color chain 4) Custom color cord 5) Custom chain and cord length 6) One or more electrical sockets/bulbs, etc.

The shade fabric styles and colors available are nearly endless because practically any lamp shade can be easily made into a portable or direct wire swag lamp.

In summary, these lamps are very much back in style. They work great near the end of a sofa, behind or beside a chair, over a dining or game table, in a corner, beside or over a bed, over a night stand, over or beside a desk, etc. Use a swag lamp most any place where you want light and you wish to preserve your floor space.